10 Best Dog Crates Reviews & Buying Guide: April 2017 Update

Best Inclusive Dog Crates: Creating a comfort and safe home for your Dog

Do you own a dog? Well, do you own the best dog crates from the market?  No!? Oh my God! 

Don’t worry. We are going to talk everything about the dog crates options and all other details that you need to know before stepping to wild. It will be wise to tell you now that this is going to be a huge article. Are you comfortable reading huge articles? Make it sure that your dog has enough food in his/her bowl as it will take time to finish this one.

Well, we scared you enough. Now let’s start the actual article on the best dog crates reviews.

Before we start, let’s address the question that what is a dog crates?

Dog crate is basically a cage like thing which dog owners use to train their dogs. You can use dog crates to train both puppies and the adult dogs. The main reason that people use dog crates is to train their dogs about the boundaries of your home. Some owners do it to keep their dogs safe and some do it for the traveling purposes.


Though these are the major methods, there are other reasons too that why people use dog crates. One of the most important reasons is to use dog crate while the dog is being treated. It is tough to treat a dog while he or she is injured, neutered or there have been other issues. You obviously know about that if you are an old enough dog parent. Apart from these, traveling with your dog is tough. We are not talking about those day to day walk sessions because you cannot do that with a dog crate whether it is the best or the worst one. That does not make any sense.

Anyway, let’s stop the introduction right here as we are going over the top. We just wanted to tell you about dog crates and what they are in the introduction. It looks like we are saying way too much now! Let’s create another heading.

Why & How You Should Use Dog Crate

So, the first question that will come to your mind if you are reading this page is that why a dog crate is important. This is a valid question and this question needs to be answered. Therefore, let’s start with that for now. Why should you use a dog crate?best dog crate

We, the dog owners know how awesome there. Unfortunately, many of our family members don’t and there are people who are allergic to dogs too. With the help of a dog crate, you can be safe in those situations. We already discussed the accidents, vet issues and those scenarios so there is no point in going for them again.

There is a perception that you have to understand before we proceed with the reviews. There are a lot of people who think that dog crates are cruel. Dogs should always be free and they should sleep on your bed and couch. That is completely fine if you think that way and dogs do not really mind sleeping in your couch and bed. But on the other hand, dogs are not humans and they do not mind sleeping in their own cage too.

You see, animals are different than us and they like to have a particular den where they can go and spend quality alone time. If you have a dog, you must have seen that your dog likes one place of your house and spends alone time there. This is because the dog considers that place as his or her den. If you can go for a dog crate, you can easily turn the crate into a dog’s den and the dog will be fine with that. It is never cruel and there is no problem in doing that. Yes, if you are not letting your dogs to go out from the crates then that is cruel and you should never do that. But having a crate and using it once in a while for the safety and security of the overall scenario is not cruel at all.

There is another thing that we need to address before going to the next step. Many of you have this question that where should you put the dog crate? What should be the most convenient location for the crate so that things become easy for your dog? Now, there are two different angles to look at this. If you want your dog to sleep at the dog crate, you should put the crate inside the house. There can be many issues if you put the crate outside and it is not worth taking that risk. Therefore, if you want your dog to have a nice and comfortable bed in his or her dog crate then the best idea is to place it inside. On the other hand, if the dog crate is something occasional and you are just planning to go for one to have that experience or for a sudden need, simply place it outside. Yes, if you do not have enough space outside, you can still manage to put it inside but the best idea is to place it outside.

Wherever you are placing the dog crate, make sure that you are easily accessible to your dog from that location. Your dog should be able to hear you if not see you directly from the dog crate. Also,make sure that you are not placing the dog crate near to a fireplace or somewhere hot.

That was pretty much all about the basics of dog crate. You definitely now know more about the crates, don’t you? Finally, it is time that we go for the crate reviews, right? Well, not really. We need to touch another part before we move to that stage. We need to know about the things that we should consider before buying a dog crate. Let’s see.

10 Best Dog Crates Reviews

Now this is the time that we all were waiting for. We will now review top 10 crates that we found in the market. We will only review the ones that are available right now at this moment so that you can decide immediately. Let’s start.

#1. Best Dog Crates Review: MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Well, to be the best dog crate, a product should be famous and customer friendly. That is exactly what MidWest Life Stages is all about. The product is super popular among customers for many reasons. Primarily, because of the great price though!

You can also read here the customers positive reviews and critical experience reviews before buying.

best dog crate


The product is an excellent fit for your dog if your dog weight around 70 pounds at max. There are doors at both ends, and the crate is foldable too.

Pros Cons Overall
• Simple Sets Up & Folds Down.

• Durable, Satin Black Electro-Coat finish.

• Easy to Clean, ABS Plastic Pan.

• Carrying handles.

• Front and side access.

• Rubber feet to protect floors.
• Less durable Pan/tray

• Not suitable if your dog is chewer, the wire can bend and then it could be dangerous.
There are doors at both ends, and the crate is foldable too.

The foldable nature helps while you are moving from one place to another.

Overall, this is a great model to go for.


The foldable nature helps while you are moving from one place to another. Overall, this is a great model to go for.


#2. Best Dog Crates Review: Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

Do not think that we are biased as we are writing two Midwest product reviews one by one in our top 10 list. They deserve to be here. This is another great product if you are interested in a sustainable dog crate system.

Click here for the best price.

The crate is around 33 inch in terms of height and dogs up to 110 pounds can be inside at ease. Again, the double door feature is there along with slide bolt latches to make things easier for you. This is not foldable though which will make things tough for you while you are traveling. Therefore, keep that in mind before you purchase this item!  Let’s see other customer reviews.


#3. Best Dog Crates Review: Amazon Basics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

best dog crate

Amazon Basics is not a popular brand but that does not take away anything from this great dog crate that they offer. You cannot name anything that this crate does not have considering the fact that it comes at a great price.

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There are mini dividers inside, which will help you to see your dog grow from a puppy to a man loving this crate. The dividers also help in making sure that the paws are not slipping, which is a common issue for puppies. Overall, this is a good standard product (let’s see other customer reviews) to go for, be satisfied with.


#4. Best Dog Crates Review: Precision Pet Two Door Great Crate

best dog crate

Well, if we want to say one thing about this dog crate then that is the fact that this is huge. The dog crate is great if you have a huge dog such as a big German shepherd or a Rottweiler.

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The crate can easily take dogs up to around 90 pounds, and the crate is built in a way so that life becomes easier while you are carrying the crate. The cool thing is that it comes with extra items such as training guide, divider panel and plastic pan which are worth using. If you are a pro, you might not need these parts (especially the guide) but it is a good one to have! Let’s see other customer reviews.


#5. Best Dog Crates Review: OxGord PT CG20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate

best dog crate

This product has been the best seller for so many years that it is weird to talk bad about this model. The crate is from the brand OxGord who are well experienced when it comes to dog crates. The product is very well built and with the first glimpse, you will understand that this will go for a real long term. One good thing is that this dog crate is super easy to use.

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You won’t face cleaning issues as this is 100% washable and the steel and metal combo keeps the shape for a long period of time. Let’s see customer reviews 


#6. Best Dog Crates Review: Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

best dog crate

This is a bit different, and you cannot put this in the list of those basic type best dog crate reviews. We included this one here because we know many of us have small dogs and we do not want the burden of using a huge dog crate for him/her. Therefore, you can easily go for this simple and small one which will serve you for a good period. Though the crate is made of plastic, it will be durable for a few years at ease. It is more of a transport system though! If you want your dog to stay in a crate, then this is not your solution. Dogs hate being inside this crate.

Click here for price and customer reviews


#7. Best Dog Crates Review: Petnation Port a Crate E2 Pet Home

best dog crate

As you can perceive from the name, this is a product that can easily be used both in indoor and in outdoor. This is a small clothing type carrier that will help you to make the carrying life a lot easier. The product is made by Petnation, who is super famous in the pet space.

Click here for the best price and customer reviews

This crate can carry pets up to 70 pounds which are good enough for most people. Though if you want this crate to be the crate where your dog will stay and live, this is not the option for you. This is a carrier at the end of the day.


#8. Best Dog Crates Review: Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

best dog crate

Till now, you have seen crates that are perfect for traveling and outdoors. This is one set which is great if you want your dog to find a home inside your home. The Merry is made of wood, and this is a sturdy dog crate which is great not only as the home for your dog but also as a furnishing value item.

Click here for the best price and customer reviews

The product is good to look at which is rare in these products. Nowadays, most of the companies do not really care about the look of dog crates, but we think that is a criterion in finding the best one. This is a good one, and you will be happy to have a Merry cage.


#9. Best Dog Crates Review: BestPet Pet Wire Cage

bestpet dog crate

This is a 36-inch basic dog crate which is good for almost everyone. If you are looking for a dog crate, there is a high chance that you are looking for something like this. The BestPet is new in the market and being new; they have the ideas that what people want from dog crates right now.

They kept the price super cheap, (Check price) and you will hardly find any dog crate which is cheaper than this model. The ABS plastic plays a good role, and the two bolt latches are excellent too. Overall, this is a great one to go for if you are on a budget and looking for something basic and simple.


#10. Best Dog Crates Review: Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

best dog crate

This looks more like those cat carriers, but if you have a small dog, this can come handy for your life too. The product is made in a way so that it serves the important and need times of yours. This is not a dog crate where your dog will live and play. This is something that you will use while traveling or going to the vet. There are two latch doors, and the product is super easy to carry. Remember, if your dog is more than 30lbs in terms of weight, this is not an item for you.

Click here for more info or price



Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Crate

Well, there are a lot of things that you should consider before buying a dog crate but obviously, we will not be covering all of them. Let’s just go with the major things that you should consider before you go ahead and buy a dog crate for your home. So, let’s have a look at the must-know stuffs.

Crate Size

Obviously, size is the first thing that you will be worrying about when it comes to the best dog crate buying guides. At the end of the day, the size of your dog crate depends a lot on the size of your dog. One common mistake that dog owners do is that they do not think about the future that much.

They think about the current size of their dog and go for a dog crate which will fit the size of their dog right now. Dogs grow pretty fast and within a year, the crate is not enough for the dog anymore. You do not want to fall in that same situation and therefore, make sure that you are thinking about the future too. One good idea is to go for a dog crate size which will be supporting you for the rest of your life. There is no problem if you go for a big one at the very first. Dogs do not hate to be in a big place, they like it and therefore, you can always go for that big dog crate.

Now, on the other side of the coin, the big crates will take a lot of space and they cost a lot too. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are picking that right combo for your home. It is not an easy task but if you are careful enough, this will not be tough at all. Think about the final size of your dog; now think about the space that you have in your home. Now match your budget with these two metrics. Combining all these elements, you should take your decision.

Crates Types

There are different types of dog crates available in the market. You have to understand one thing pretty clearly. A dog crate will only be best for you if you pick the right type. Not every dog crate is great for everybody. If you want to go for the best dog crate possible, you have to make sure that you are picking the right type for your home. There are a lot of types when it comes to the best dog crate. We will review them separately below and therefore, let’s not talk more on that right now.

Location for Crate

It is important that you fix up a location even before you think about buying a dog crate. This will help you to get that best crate for your home. The location is super important. You have to finalize that whether you want to set up the crate inside the home or outside. You should also finalize that whether you want to set this up in your bedroom or living. After you have done with all the setting tasks, you will understand automatically that which dog crate will be the best option for you. Therefore, we recommend that you think about the location at the very early stage.


Think about how much time you want to put your dog in the dog crate. Duration is very important if you are serious about dog crates. There is no point in going for a fancy massive and costly dog crate if you want to put your dog in that crate just for an accident or for a vet scenario. This does not make any sense, does it? Therefore, you have to consider the duration properly and seriously.

If you are planning to make this a proper house for your dog, it will be a good idea to go for a costly dog crate (obviously in terms of quality) at the very beginning. If you buy one dog crate now and then another after a few months, it will be a loss financially and your dog will not like that either. Therefore, make sure that you think about the duration that your dog will be inside the dog crate from the early stage to avoid extra cost or uncomfortable scenario of your dog.

Boring Crate?

You have to make sure that the crate that you are making for your dog is interesting enough so that your dog find it fun. Come on! If your house was not fun, would you have been into that? The scenario is even worse for your dog because your dog knows that there is a fun world out there apart from the dog crate. Therefore, you have to make sure that your dog is enjoying its stay inside the crate. How can you do so? There are different strategies to make sure that the dog crate is fun.

At first, you must put a comfortable bed inside the dog crate if you are planning your dog to stay there for a long period of time. Dogs hate that hard surface that dog crates generally have. Therefore, you need to make sure that they have something interesting inside so that they love their house. Obviously, a bed is not the only solution there. You can go for cool toys and other stuffs which we will talk about in another article.

Types of Dog Crate

There are different types of dog crates available in the market and it will be a good idea to know about at least the basic types of dog crates before you move ahead. Therefore, this section is dedicated to that. In this Types of Dog Crate section, we are going to tell you about some of the common dog crate types that are out there. When you will be picking up dog crates, the chances are high that you will be choosing from one of these types.

Wire Crates

The first type, that we have, is the wire crates or wire-based crates. If you have a dog that is prone to cool weather then this will be the perfect fit for your dog. Wires let the air flow clean and therefore; the dog crate does not become hot. You can actually go for a divider to make sure that you are able to make the crate bigger as your dog gets bigger too. This is interesting. Another cool feature is the removable tray that we have at the bottom area of wire crates. This will allow you to clean the crate easily. Overall, wire crates are very common and this is definitely something that you can look for.

Wooden Crates

The next in our list is the wooden crate. The name is kind of self-explanatory and there is nothing much to explain here. The wooden crates are made of wood and these are kind of like those dog houses that you see in cool homes. The biggest problem that is there with the wooden crates is that they are heavy. One of the prime features of using a dog crate is the mobility. A lot of people use dog crates because they want their dogs to be moved from one place to another and it is kind of impossible if you are going for a wooden crate.

Plastic Crates

The third in our list is the plastic crates. These are not that common among dog lovers but these are great fits for especially those who want a quick solution for a couple of days. Remember, if you are planning to go for an ultimate dog crate solution then plastic is not a good option to go for.

They are not healthy; they are bad for the environment and we do not recommend anybody to go for plastic crates. Obviously, if you are really in need of a crate and if you will be done with your task within one day or two at max, you can go for a plastic crate as they are cheaper and available everywhere.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know about the best dog crate models and that is great. It is important to know about the best dog crate as much as possible before you attempt to find the desired one around. At the end of the day, make sure that you are analyzing the current situation before moving ahead for a dog crate.

Take your time in deciding which one will bring best results for your dog and that should always be your priority. Though you should and you must think about the price too, but we recommend that you do not compromise the comfort of your dog over that. Remember, the best dog crate is all about mixing the great price with the best value!

Finally, take your time to decide which dog crate you are going to go for. It is good to take time because human brain works in a very interesting way. They always change decisions. Best of luck with your best crate.