6 Common Health Problems in Dogs

Common Health Problems in Dogs

Common Health Problems in DogsIf you want to a caring dog owner, then you have to be careful about your dog’s health issue. Serious diseases may attack your loving pet secretly if you show indifference to your puppy.

Are you feeling worried? Don’t feel upset. We are here, going to write about it to help you! Before starting to read this article, take a look that, either your dog is in a safe place or not. If not, then, go and put your dog in your best dog crate that you have bought for your loving dog. Don’t forget to put some food and enough water in bowls.

Now, your dog is in a safe and secure place, and you can start reading this Common Health Problems in Dogs article. It may take a little more time. Every animal, either it is wild or pet, has to face some particular health problems. As a dog is an animal and so, this true is also applicable to the dog. But as an owner, if you become aware of this, your dog may get rid of it, or he will get proper treatment in time. Let’s discuss six common disease /health problem that is harmful to your dog.


When we are going to talk about most common health problem of a dog, the most concerning issue that comes first is Fleas.
Dog Flea is a particular kind of parasite that bites and suck blood from dog’s body.
It is very harmful to the dog and so, as a dog owner, you have to be more careful.

When fleas attack a dog, the dog will start to scratch and will try to bite themselves as to get rid of it.It is the most common symptom that appears first. Check your dog’s head, neck and around the tail because these are the most common area that may get attacked by fleas.


The second most concerning health issue for a pet dog is Ticks.It may cause serious health problem for your dog. It also sucks blood from your pet’s body and bites on skin. It may cause severe infections. So be careful of your pet dog.

After coming home, spending much time outdoor, check its body with your finger. Then wash its body with shampoo.

Dog Obesity

Some dog owner tells that their dogs are becoming fatty day by day. This obesity problem is very much alarming for every dog owners. This cause further great problems like the development of diabetes mellitus.

If your dog becomes extremely fatty, he will not be able to walk properly.

To get rid of this problem, keep a balance between the energy intake and its usage. Never give extra energic food unnecessarily. Compels him exercise regularly.

Dog Allergies

Nowadays, Allergies have become an acute problem for both animal and humans. There are many dog owners who are not aware of this.
Are you on the list?
You should keep it mind that Dog Allergies is not a simple issue that can be ignored. This may cause great harm to your loving pet. So be aware of it.
The most common reason behind this issue are as follows:

  • When fleas bite on your dog, they may put salvia which may cause allergy
  • When your loving dog breaths in a certain allergens area, it may happen.
  • Some food may cause allergy to dog. They are milk Of cow, eggs. Peanuts. Shellfish. Cashews, Wheat, Soy and so on. Try to be more economical to this type of food. Try to adjust diet that suits your dog

Dog Ear Infections

Ear Infections is a very common problem for animals, especially for dogs.
For puppies, ear mites are the leading cause of ear infections but for adult dog bacteria, yeast, allergies responsible for ear infections.
When your dog’s ear gets infected, you may get a kind of unusual smell from your dog’s ear. Dog will shake his head and try to scratch his head. The infected ears also become red and swelling.

Cancer in Dogs

It is a significant health problem for your dog which can cause death of your loving dog.
At the time of grooming your pet, take a careful and serious look at his body if there have any unnatural bumps and sores. Give attention to your dog’s eating habits whether it is unnaturally decreased or not. Sudden and gradual decreasing of eating may cause Cancer in dogs.

Some Routine works for you as a dog Owner

  • Give balanced and healthy food for your dog
  • Take immediate advice from a veterinarian if you see any unnatural change in your dog’s habit.
  • Regular Exercise for your dog
  • Give him fresh water and food
  • Use shampoo during his bath
  • Check his fur after coming back from a wood walk.

These are four most common health problems for the dog. Besides, there are lots of diseases that cause great harm to your dog. There also have some health concerns related to the senior dog. They are Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, Blindness, Deafness, and Diabetes. If you see any unusual change, don’t forget to take immediate advice from an expert veterinarian. Keep in mind that dog is your best and most faithful friend and also a member of your family and so, you should be aware of its health.

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