How to Crate Train Your Dog

When you are busy with your daily affairs, and you are unable to watch your dog, then crate will be the best option for your dog as a safe and sweet home.In this days,

In this days, crate is essential for every dog owners. If you can use it properly, it will help your puppy learn the various manners like bath, housing, and crate is very helpful to teach different command.

What Is Crate Training?

Crate training is the way of introducing your puppy to the crate. It is a piece of training that is essential before any other training. This training makes your puppy feel the crate as the most secure and safe place for him. Before going for any other training, Crate training is a must.

Types of Crate

There are various types and styles of crates available on the market. It is very hard for a new dog owner to select the best dog crate for his puppy. Though it is hard, yet it is not impossible. There are two types of crate in terms of door. They are Single Door & Double Door. There are also three types of crate regarding made from. They are Wire, Plastic & Wooden. You can check our buying guide from here.

How to Crate Train Your Dog

For the first time, surely, your puppy will dislike the crate as his habitation. It will be a great matter of joy for you as a dog owner if your dog like the crate from the beginning. But if he does not do so, don’t be upset. You have to make your puppy love it. To make your puppy love it, follow the bellow steps:

  • Take a clean crate that you have bought recently. Put it in the middle of your puppy’s room.
  • Put a new but very interesting toy in the crate and leave the crate’s door open.
  • Your puppy will start to sniff around the crate and at a stage, he/she will enter into the crate and he /she will come out with the toy that you have put in the crate. Don’t prevent him doing so.
  • Play with your puppy using the toy. Show him a treat but don’t allow him to take it from your hand. Put the treat in the crate leaving the crate’s door open.
  • When your puppy will enter in the crate and retrieve the treat , shut the crate for a few seconds. Don’t lengthen this time. Open the door after a few seconds.

Repeat these five steps several times and continue this repetition until he feels comfortable to stay in the crate. Stay in a place from where you can see your puppy but your puppy can’t see you anyway. If your puppy starts crying to come out from the crate, don’t allow him until he stops crying and becomes quiet. Leaving the crate’s door open, play with your puppy. Encourage him to enter in the crate and come out from the crate. If you repeat this regularly, very soon, your puppy will start to think the crate as his safe and comfortable bed. But never try to use the crate as a punishment tool

Some Caution

  • Don’t use dog collar when your puppy is in the crate.
  • Don’t put the dog for a long time.
  • Don’t put the crate beside fire.
  • Don’t use hard language for the training rather always use praising words.

Digging Problem : Stop Your Dog from Digging

Is your dog’s digging habit making you feel disgusted? Is it increasing day by day?

Don’t be upset. We are here to discover the way of putting an end to this bad and disgusted behavior.

Dog’s excessive and unusual digging behavior may bring a quick end to the sweet relationship with her owner. So, Before feeling disgusted and bored, every dog owner should know the reasons that are responsible for this rude and unwanted behavior.

Every dog owner is acquainted with this digging behavior. Somebody takes it as a natural instinct but someone takes it as a serious behavioral problem.stop dog from digging
No matter whatever is it, with proper training and right step, you can stop a dog from digging.

While you are going to train your dog not to dig, you have to know first, the reasons why your dog is digging and then, know how to stop dogs from digging holes.

There have mainly five reasons behind it.

To Get Entertainment

Every creature loves to get entertainment. For getting it, they follow various ways. Like other animals, your pet dog may also love to get fun. To get it, he or she may develop digging habit thinking that playing with soil is great fun and enjoyable.
While your pet dog will dig for entertainment, he/she will be more playful and start to run around the hole. He will dig many holes randomly around the area.
You will see him/her in a joyous mind while he/she will dig as means of fun.
Now, the sign is clear to you, right?
It is time to tell you the answer to the next question “How to stop this type of digging habit.”

How to Stop it:

Your dog is growing digging habit as to get fun, so, to stop it, you have to give him/her entertainment in another way.

  • Walk with your dog regularly and encourage him/her to do it.
  • Put interesting and enjoyable dog toys and encourage the dog to play with those toys.
  • Teach him/her commands and praise him/her for every success action.
  • Put an outdoor dog kennel and limit the moving area for your dog. Install Snappy Trainer. It is like a mousetrap. Whenever your dog touches it, it will produce loud sound which will startle your dog and encourage him/her not to dig. Don’t be worried about this product; it is completely harmless to your dog.

For Getting Comfort and Protection

Where have you put your dog? Where have you placed your dog’s house?
Is the area is too hot or the place is too cold?
Your dog may dig hole as to get protection from the mentioned situation. In this terms, your dog is growing his/her digging habit as to get comfort and protection.

How to Stop it:

  • Ensures a comfortable place.
  • Put him in such is a place which is not too hot and not too cold.
  • Give him permission to drink water from water bowls.
  • If your dog still tries to dig after ensuring a suitable place, allow him to dig in a fixed ground and don’t allow him to dig random places.

To Get Attention

You are feeling annoyed for your dog’s digging behavior, but you don’t know that he/she is digging only to get your attention. It is your great mistake. Try to understand why the dog is growing this habit.

Try to discover why your dog is trying to get your attention. Your dog may want to get your attention for various reasons. He/she may need medical treatment for his/her suffering, or he may want your companion for more time or he may want to spend time by walking with you and so, he/she is digging hole as to get your attention.

How to stop digging for Attention:

To put an end to this type of digging habit, first of all, you have to fulfill your dog’s desire. Pay your gentle and polite attention to your dog’s desire.

  • Praise your dog and use positive reinforcement as to make him/her understand that you are taking care of him and paying your full attention to him.
  • Every day, spend some time with your dog give him company.
  • Play with your dog and thus increase a sweet understanding between you and your dog. Thus develop a friendly relationship between you and your pet.

To Escape

Sometimes, your dog may dig as to escape from his place. Don’t punish him for this behavior. As to escape, he will try to dig along the fence line or under the fence. This happens, when your dog wants to get something that is out of his reach. So, at first, try to stop dog from digging under fence.

How to stop it:

  • To stop this, firstly, ensures a completely safe environment.
  • Praise your dog for its gentle behavior.
  • Ensures that the bottom of the fence is well buried.
  • Keep some rocks around the fence line so that it becomes hard to dig for your dog.

To Hunt Prey

Naturally, dog loves to hunt prey that lives in the ground. If you see that your dog is digging at the roots of trees or plants,be sure that your dog is digging to hunt prey.Then, what should you do to stop this digging?

How to stop it

Don’t worry about it.Every problem has a possible solution.

  • Try to trap the prey from the selected area for your dog.
  • Make the yard unattractive to the prey.To do this you can take help from an expert.
  • Keep yourself away from using poison to get rid of unwanted prey. It may harm to your loving dog.

Now we want to end this article. We can summarize that if you can understand the reason behind the problem, it will be very easy to solve but if the reason remains unknown to you, it is too hard to mend the problem. So, first of all, try to understand the cause behind the problem, then step to solve it. Never take any hasty decision and never punish your dog for his digging problems.If you punish him, it will bring fully negative result. Try to be the best friend for your dog.

6 Common Health Problems in Dogs

Common Health Problems in DogsIf you want to a caring dog owner, then you have to be careful about your dog’s health issue. Serious diseases may attack your loving pet secretly if you show indifference to your puppy.

Are you feeling worried? Don’t feel upset. We are here, going to write about it to help you! Before starting to read this article, take a look that, either your dog is in a safe place or not. If not, then, go and put your dog in your best dog crate that you have bought for your loving dog. Don’t forget to put some food and enough water in bowls.

Now, your dog is in a safe and secure place, and you can start reading this Common Health Problems in Dogs article. It may take a little more time. Every animal, either it is wild or pet, has to face some particular health problems. As a dog is an animal and so, this true is also applicable to the dog. But as an owner, if you become aware of this, your dog may get rid of it, or he will get proper treatment in time. Let’s discuss six common disease /health problem that is harmful to your dog.


When we are going to talk about most common health problem of a dog, the most concerning issue that comes first is Fleas.
Dog Flea is a particular kind of parasite that bites and suck blood from dog’s body.
It is very harmful to the dog and so, as a dog owner, you have to be more careful.

When fleas attack a dog, the dog will start to scratch and will try to bite themselves as to get rid of it.It is the most common symptom that appears first. Check your dog’s head, neck and around the tail because these are the most common area that may get attacked by fleas.


The second most concerning health issue for a pet dog is Ticks.It may cause serious health problem for your dog. It also sucks blood from your pet’s body and bites on skin. It may cause severe infections. So be careful of your pet dog.

After coming home, spending much time outdoor, check its body with your finger. Then wash its body with shampoo.

Dog Obesity

Some dog owner tells that their dogs are becoming fatty day by day. This obesity problem is very much alarming for every dog owners. This cause further great problems like the development of diabetes mellitus.

If your dog becomes extremely fatty, he will not be able to walk properly.

To get rid of this problem, keep a balance between the energy intake and its usage. Never give extra energic food unnecessarily. Compels him exercise regularly.

Dog Allergies

Nowadays, Allergies have become an acute problem for both animal and humans. There are many dog owners who are not aware of this.
Are you on the list?
You should keep it mind that Dog Allergies is not a simple issue that can be ignored. This may cause great harm to your loving pet. So be aware of it.
The most common reason behind this issue are as follows:

  • When fleas bite on your dog, they may put salvia which may cause allergy
  • When your loving dog breaths in a certain allergens area, it may happen.
  • Some food may cause allergy to dog. They are milk Of cow, eggs. Peanuts. Shellfish. Cashews, Wheat, Soy and so on. Try to be more economical to this type of food. Try to adjust diet that suits your dog

Dog Ear Infections

Ear Infections is a very common problem for animals, especially for dogs.
For puppies, ear mites are the leading cause of ear infections but for adult dog bacteria, yeast, allergies responsible for ear infections.
When your dog’s ear gets infected, you may get a kind of unusual smell from your dog’s ear. Dog will shake his head and try to scratch his head. The infected ears also become red and swelling.

Cancer in Dogs

It is a significant health problem for your dog which can cause death of your loving dog.
At the time of grooming your pet, take a careful and serious look at his body if there have any unnatural bumps and sores. Give attention to your dog’s eating habits whether it is unnaturally decreased or not. Sudden and gradual decreasing of eating may cause Cancer in dogs.

Some Routine works for you as a dog Owner

  • Give balanced and healthy food for your dog
  • Take immediate advice from a veterinarian if you see any unnatural change in your dog’s habit.
  • Regular Exercise for your dog
  • Give him fresh water and food
  • Use shampoo during his bath
  • Check his fur after coming back from a wood walk.

These are four most common health problems for the dog. Besides, there are lots of diseases that cause great harm to your dog. There also have some health concerns related to the senior dog. They are Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, Blindness, Deafness, and Diabetes. If you see any unusual change, don’t forget to take immediate advice from an expert veterinarian. Keep in mind that dog is your best and most faithful friend and also a member of your family and so, you should be aware of its health.

4 Obedience Training for Dogs at Home: Make it simple and Easy

If your dog does not follow your commands, don’t feel sorry for that misbehave. You need to be more enthusiastic about your dog’s obedience training. Though it is not a fast and ready made process to make your dog obedient, you can take some most efficient way to make it easy and hurry.

In this article, we are going to present the most effective and easy way to make your dog follow command.

Before going further details, keep it mind that you should not take any hasty and cruel way to make your dog obedient and never try to punish your dog for its misbehave.

Obedience TrainingWhat is Obedience training?

According to Wikipedia, “Obedience training usually refers to the training of a dog and the term is most commonly used in that context.”

It means it is such training which will teach one’s dog to follow his/her command like “sit,” down,” come,” and “stay,” and so on.

In simple, it is a process to make dog follow the direction or command given by the handler.

Length of obedience training ?

The length of this training can be long or short depending on the dog, methods used, skill and understanding ability of both the trainer and the handler.

In a nutshell, there is no specific time span for this training. But every session should be short.

Who is the perfect person as a trainer?

Anyone can be the trainer but the person who is caring for and living with the dogs should be the trainer as he/she will be the actual commander of the dog. It will develop relation and understanding, between the dog and the person, which is essential for making one’s dog obedient.

What are the basic Commands?

The question may rise about are the commanding words. Though there is no specific commanding word in particular, yet, we are presenting some basic and most common words.

      • SIT : if you want to get your dog in a sitting position, use this command
      • Down : Use this command when you want your dog to down its front feet and hocks are touching the ground.
      • COME : To call your dog towards you, use this simple command.
      • STAY : If your dog is in sitting or in standing position and you want to keep it in the same position, use this command.

Devices you need to train

When you are going to train your dog for obedience, the question that may arise in your mind is what tools do you need for this purpose.

Here, we are going to tell you about that.

Collar: For obedience training, the first thing that you need is collar.there are many types of collar.You can choose one from the many.

Leash: It is the second most important thing which you need for the obedience training.

Treat: It is tasty food which is needed to give as a reward after completing a training session successfully.

Use of Basic Command in Training

From the discussion above, you have known about the obedience training, trainer, some straightforward and easy commanding words and the devices you need to train. Now let’s discuss the training process for different commanding words.

It is very important to be kept in mind that generally the time span of puppies’ attention is very short. So, don’t make your training session for an extended period.If you do so, the puppy may feel bored.Don’t make your puppy feel disgusted by lengthening training session at first. Gradually increase the duration of the training session, and then, it will be pleasurable for both of you and your puppy. Let’s discuss the basic command.


obedience training

The command “sit” is the most easiest and simplest command to teach. It is often regarded as the initial command as a puppy, who follows and sits on this command is easier to handle.

Teaching this command is very easy, and it may be an entertaining game for the children.

First of all, bring your puppy to the floor level and hold a treat close to his nose. Then move your hand up.It will make your puppy moves up its head and lower its butt.When its butt will touch the ground, release your holding treat to his mouth.

Repeat this several times in a day.

Keep it mind not to hold the treat too high. If you hold it so high, your dog will try to jump up to catch it. Instead, hold it near to its neck so that the puppy can stretch his neck.

When dog’s rump touches the ground, command him uttering “Good sit!

It is important to note that don’t lengthen your training session unnecessarily.

Every day, try this course for a short time but repeat it every day.

Try to use this command in various situation. When you are giving food, opening door, going for a walk, try this session.If the puppy breaks the command ever, utter “Oops, try again”.

During this training session, don’t use other words like “sit down”.


obedience training

“Come” is one of the most usable commands. If you want to avoid your puppies’ annoying behaviors, then this command is essential. To make your puppy come towards you from away, if your want to give a job for your puppy, then use the command “COME.”

To teach the command “come”, attach a lightweight leash to your dog’s collar and let him drag it around. When he is aware that he is on a leash, he will try to move around you and he will come to know that both you and he are hooked up with the leash.Then, start walking backward and forward and encourage him to follow you by treats and praising words. Try to use “come” to command him to follow you. Repeat this whole process again and again. This is like a play that your child may enjoy much.


obedience training

This command is quite hard to teach. When your dog or puppy want to sit on your feet or lean against you, it is too hard to keep it away from doing so.

The purpose of this command is to teach dog to remain right where it is until given further instructions.

To teach this command put a leash on your dog and

To teach the stay, first put a leash on your dog’s neck and let him sit comfortably in front of you.

Wave your flat palm on its muzzle and body and then say “Stay.”

When he is in the same position, go to a little distance from your dog, Stay there a few second and then come back again.

Praise your dog and reward him for not breaking the command.

If ever he breaks or moves calmly utter “Oops” or “Uh-uh” and again repeat the process by bringing him back to the initial position. After releasing him from the command, use a release word like “okay.”

Don’t forget to reward and treat him after releasing him from the commanding position.


obedience training

This command often takes long time for a dog or puppy to learn. So, to employ this command, use too much praising words, treat and reward. Obviously, it will be a slow process and so you have to handle it with enough caution.

To teach this command , take a tasty food in your hand, close your hand and hold it in front of your dog. When the dog will get the scent of that treat, he will try to catch it and will try to open your closed hand, then down your hand near to the ground and use the command “down”.

Then open your hand and let your dog eat when he is down position.

Repeat this process several times in every day. But never try to push your dog or use harsh word to make it down. Always use calm and praising word.


While you are going to give obedience training for your dogs,keep the following lines in your mind.

  • Don’t punish your puppy for misbehaving
  • Don’t compel him to do anything.
  • Don’t push him to make him down
  • Don’t use harsh word as a command
  • Use different types of tasty treats at the time of teaching Always behaves cordially
  • Praise him for satisfactory performance.

12 Must have Puppy Products For Your Puppy

Do you have a dog?

I am sure that either you have a dog, or you are going to have a dog and that is why you are here to know something as a dog owner. Right?

Okay, In this article I am going to write about 12 Must have Puppy Products for a dog owner.”

As a dog owner, you must have some essential supplements for your puppy; otherwise, you can’t be able to continue your possession. Let’s discuss the most 12 important supplements at first.

If you are too busy and you do not have enough time to read full article, see our puppy product list

12 Must Have Puppy Products

  • Food water bowls
  • Dog Food
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Dog Crate
  • First-aid supplies
  • Doggy shampoo & conditioner
  • Dog Leash
  • Dog Collar
  • Baby Gates
  • Dog Bed
  • Grooming Supplies

Food water bowls

Food Puppy Productsand water are essential for your dog, right? Then, dishes or bowls are also
essential and most important kit for putting food and water for your dog. There have three types of bowls available on the market. They are plastic bowl, Ceramic Bowl, and stainless steel bowl. All of then have some pros and cons. Plastic bowl is chewable and it may harm your dog by employing bacterial problem. Ceramic Bowl is easily breakable. Stainless steel bowl is perfect as it is durable and easily cleanable. We recommend you Stainless steel bowl.


Regarding dog’s Puppy Productsfood; the basic question that may arise in your mind is which food is badly needed for your dog. It is very hard to say the right answers. Actually, it depends on your dog’s present condition. In next article, we will try to discuss it. Feed your dog with the balanced diet. There are three types of food. They are wet, dry or raw complete foods or meat or mixed food. No Each type of food has its own negative and positive side and according to your dog’s demand, select the best one.


There is none who will not believe that dog is a Puppy Productsfaithful and best friend for the human being.It’s your duty to stay him happy and healthy. It is proved that to keep him happy, first of all, give him toys so that he may play with them. Playing with toys will make him mentally fresh and it will help him stay fine and healthy.

Before selecting toys, keep it mind that, the toys that are easily torn apart may cause significant harm to your dog. So, must be more selective considering this issue.

Toothbrush and toothpastePuppy Products

It is said that brush your tooth to keep yourself healthy. This saying is also applicable for your dog. To keep him healthy and free from diseases, need to brush his teeth with high-quality dog toothpaste and brushes. You can ask any shopkeeper for getting the high-quality Toothbrush and toothpaste


The crate is also well known as dog cage. Every dog owner wants to keep his dog safe and healthy, and then crate one of the must have puppy products for you . It is essential for dog training. There are many types of crate like wire, plastic, wooden, folding, double-door, single-door and so on. While you are going to buy dog crate on the market, the confusion may arise about which type of dog crate is best. To select the best one, you can check our 10 best dog crate list along with buying guide

Puppy Products

First-aid supplies

Are you a dog owner? Do you have First-aid supplies? Oh!!! It is a great wrong made by you. Your dog may need emergency medicine or treatment at any time and then you need to have first aid box with some emergency medicine. If you do not have this, hurry up.

Doggy shampoo and conditioner

Everybody wants his dog to look beautiful, Right? A good quality shampoo and conditioner can make your dog’s coat bright and be shining. It also helps him from getting affected by bacteria and yeast problem that cause great problems. To get rid of it, use high-quality doggy shampoo and conditioner.

LeashPuppy Products

If you want to walk with your dog and want to control him, the leash will be the best instrument for you. Somebody values it as an optional accessory, but we recommend as it helps you teach your dog to walk peacefully without frightening others. In another word, dog leash essential for behavioral training.

CollarPuppy Products

According to the order of 1992, every dog must have to wear a collar and identity tag. In the previous point, we have discussed the necessity of dog’s leash and identification tag. A collar is compulsory for using this id tag and leash. But sometimes Collar is worn by dogs for training purposes, steady walking, and putting identification tag or even as a fashion.

Baby GatesPuppy Products

Do you want to limit your dog’s movement? Do you keep your dog within certain places? If yes, then Baby Gate is for you. Nobody like it that dog will play all around the home. So, it is very important to limit his movement within a limited place and to limit it; Baby Gate is the best instrument.

Puppy ProductsBed

Do you have a sofa set or foam for your sound sleep? Do you have a comfortable bed for your dog? If the solution to the second question is “no”, it is a matter of great sorrow. Like you, your dog loves to get a comfortable bed. So, don’t forget to buy a nice and comfortable bed for your puppy.

Grooming SuppliesPuppy Products

A nice haircut can enhance your dog’s beauty. Grooming Supplies consist
of many tools like brush, comb, coat clippers, scissors, nail trimmer and so on. To cut your dog’s hair nicely, you have to buy one of the best dog clippers available on the market.

Buying a dog is very easy but taking care of it is not so easy. Always , you have to be careful of your puppy. To keep it healthy and happy, you must have these 12 most important puppy products.Keep it mind that your puppy is not only an animal but also your best friend. So, take care of your friend regularly. Wish you a happy day!