How to Crate Train Your Dog

how to crate train your dog

When you are busy with your daily affairs, and you are unable to watch your dog, then crate will be the best option for your dog as a safe and sweet home.In this days,

In this days, crate is essential for every dog owners. If you can use it properly, it will help your puppy learn the various manners like bath, housing, and crate is very helpful to teach different command.

What Is Crate Training?

Crate training is the way of introducing your puppy to the crate. It is a piece of training that is essential before any other training. This training makes your puppy feel the crate as the most secure and safe place for him. Before going for any other training, Crate training is a must.

Types of Crate

There are various types and styles of crates available on the market. It is very hard for a new dog owner to select the best dog crate for his puppy. Though it is hard, yet it is not impossible. There are two types of crate in terms of door. They are Single Door & Double Door. There are also three types of crate regarding made from. They are Wire, Plastic & Wooden. You can check our buying guide from here.

How to Crate Train Your Dog

For the first time, surely, your puppy will dislike the crate as his habitation. It will be a great matter of joy for you as a dog owner if your dog like the crate from the beginning. But if he does not do so, don’t be upset. You have to make your puppy love it. To make your puppy love it, follow the bellow steps:

  • Take a clean crate that you have bought recently. Put it in the middle of your puppy’s room.
  • Put a new but very interesting toy in the crate and leave the crate’s door open.
  • Your puppy will start to sniff around the crate and at a stage, he/she will enter into the crate and he /she will come out with the toy that you have put in the crate. Don’t prevent him doing so.
  • Play with your puppy using the toy. Show him a treat but don’t allow him to take it from your hand. Put the treat in the crate leaving the crate’s door open.
  • When your puppy will enter in the crate and retrieve the treat , shut the crate for a few seconds. Don’t lengthen this time. Open the door after a few seconds.

Repeat these five steps several times and continue this repetition until he feels comfortable to stay in the crate. Stay in a place from where you can see your puppy but your puppy can’t see you anyway. If your puppy starts crying to come out from the crate, don’t allow him until he stops crying and becomes quiet. Leaving the crate’s door open, play with your puppy. Encourage him to enter in the crate and come out from the crate. If you repeat this regularly, very soon, your puppy will start to think the crate as his safe and comfortable bed. But never try to use the crate as a punishment tool

Some Caution

  • Don’t use dog collar when your puppy is in the crate.
  • Don’t put the dog for a long time.
  • Don’t put the crate beside fire.
  • Don’t use hard language for the training rather always use praising words.
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