Midwest iCrate Pet Crate Review

This is another amazing dog crate from the house of Midwest. This Midwest pet crate comes with great features like divider panel, double doors system, comfortable plastic carrying handles and many more which put it in the lists of the best dog crate. One of the best things about this dog crate is that it comes in 7 different sizes.

So now you don’t need to worry about your dog’s size. There are secure latches, rounded corners to ensure the safety of your dog. This is an all in all dog crates that will give you almost everything that you will look into a dog crate.  If you are not ready to compromise on features then the Midwest iCrate Pet Crate is a great option for you.  One thing is must sure that your four legged friend will be totally safe and comfortable in this dog crate.

This iCrate Pet Crate is loaded with a number of great features. Knowing these features will help you a lot to take a right purchase decision. Below the features of this Pet Crate are given.

Features of Midwest iCrate Pet CrateMidwest iCrate Pet Crate

  • Secure latch system which is very easy to operate.
  • Incredibly easy for folding up and down.
  • One of the lightest dog crates of the market.
  • Just like the other Midwest dog crates, it also comes with a free divider panel.
  • There is a waterproof plastic pan which is made from ABS plastic.
  • Has given a black electro-coated finish.


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So these are some of the amazing features of this Crate. Now we will give you a detailed description of the pros about this dog crate.


  • The double door will afford you more opportunities to store the dog crate at your place.  Two doors are very needed to have easy access to your lovely pet. There are doors on the front and on the side of this crate. Therefore, you don’t need to think of the way before placing it anywhere; you will get access to your dog at anyhow.
  • Both of the Midwest iCrate Pet Crate models, the single door and the double door come with a free divider panel. This divider panel can be installed without any help of any tools. This divider panel will allow you to make adjustments to the size of the living space as your puppy needs. When you are having a puppy, it is normal they may tend to eliminate in a corner of the crate and one corner to sleep. Therefore, this divider panel is a must item of a crate.
  • The Midwest Company call this Pet Crate a dog crate an inclusive home training system and they are right actually. With the Midwest iCrate Pet Crates both in single and double doors you can give your dog proper home training. This dog crate is designed so thoughtfully that it will ensure all the safety measures while you are doing the training. Moreover, it is light in weight and has got great folding mechanism. All of these also make it easy for the training system.
  • Midwest has always maintained the safety standards in their products. Like their other products, the Midwest iCrate Pet Crates have also kept the safety measures. There are safe and secure side bolt latches to prevent your dog from any kind of accident. To protect you and your pet both from injuries, it has rounded corners. There are no sharp objects used in this dog crate so you can easily use it in the house around others.



  • If you have a dog more than 60 pounds, then this is not a dog crate for you. The wires are not that much sturdy actually, so your dog may escape from it.



Q. What are the sizes of this Crate?

Ans. There are Seven Sizes: 48-Inch , 42-Inch , 36-Inch , 30-Inch , 24-Inch , 22-Inch

A divider panel is included with all sizes.


Q. What are the colors of this Crate?

Ans. There are two colors: Blue & Pink

Q. How many door has each Crate?

Ans. There have both: double door and single door crate. 

Final words:

The Midwest iCrate Pet Crate is undoubtedly a great purchase. This dog crate has received a great response from its customers. Some of the customers may have faced a little difficulty, but the percentage is really small of that. Therefore, we can surely say that this iCrate Pet Crate is a dog crate that all you need. This is a dog crate that can be used for home training purpose and for traveling purpose also. You are never going to regret with this dog crate models.

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