4 Obedience Training for Dogs at Home: Make it simple and Easy

Obedience Training

If your dog does not follow your commands, don’t feel sorry for that misbehave. You need to be more enthusiastic about your dog’s obedience training. Though it is not a fast and ready made process to make your dog obedient, you can take some most efficient way to make it easy and hurry.

In this article, we are going to present the most effective and easy way to make your dog follow command.

Before going further details, keep it mind that you should not take any hasty and cruel way to make your dog obedient and never try to punish your dog for its misbehave.

Obedience TrainingWhat is Obedience training?

According to Wikipedia, “Obedience training usually refers to the training of a dog and the term is most commonly used in that context.”

It means it is such training which will teach one’s dog to follow his/her command like “sit,” down,” come,” and “stay,” and so on.

In simple, it is a process to make dog follow the direction or command given by the handler.

Length of obedience training ?

The length of this training can be long or short depending on the dog, methods used, skill and understanding ability of both the trainer and the handler.

In a nutshell, there is no specific time span for this training. But every session should be short.

Who is the perfect person as a trainer?

Anyone can be the trainer but the person who is caring for and living with the dogs should be the trainer as he/she will be the actual commander of the dog. It will develop relation and understanding, between the dog and the person, which is essential for making one’s dog obedient.

What are the basic Commands?

The question may rise about are the commanding words. Though there is no specific commanding word in particular, yet, we are presenting some basic and most common words.

      • SIT : if you want to get your dog in a sitting position, use this command
      • Down : Use this command when you want your dog to down its front feet and hocks are touching the ground.
      • COME : To call your dog towards you, use this simple command.
      • STAY : If your dog is in sitting or in standing position and you want to keep it in the same position, use this command.

Devices you need to train

When you are going to train your dog for obedience, the question that may arise in your mind is what tools do you need for this purpose.

Here, we are going to tell you about that.

Collar: For obedience training, the first thing that you need is collar.there are many types of collar.You can choose one from the many.

Leash: It is the second most important thing which you need for the obedience training.

Treat: It is tasty food which is needed to give as a reward after completing a training session successfully.

Use of Basic Command in Training

From the discussion above, you have known about the obedience training, trainer, some straightforward and easy commanding words and the devices you need to train. Now let’s discuss the training process for different commanding words.

It is very important to be kept in mind that generally the time span of puppies’ attention is very short. So, don’t make your training session for an extended period.If you do so, the puppy may feel bored.Don’t make your puppy feel disgusted by lengthening training session at first. Gradually increase the duration of the training session, and then, it will be pleasurable for both of you and your puppy. Let’s discuss the basic command.

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obedience training

The command “sit” is the most easiest and simplest command to teach. It is often regarded as the initial command as a puppy, who follows and sits on this command is easier to handle.

Teaching this command is very easy, and it may be an entertaining game for the children.

First of all, bring your puppy to the floor level and hold a treat close to his nose. Then move your hand up.It will make your puppy moves up its head and lower its butt.When its butt will touch the ground, release your holding treat to his mouth.

Repeat this several times in a day.

Keep it mind not to hold the treat too high. If you hold it so high, your dog will try to jump up to catch it. Instead, hold it near to its neck so that the puppy can stretch his neck.

When dog’s rump touches the ground, command him uttering “Good sit!

It is important to note that don’t lengthen your training session unnecessarily.

Every day, try this course for a short time but repeat it every day.

Try to use this command in various situation. When you are giving food, opening door, going for a walk, try this session.If the puppy breaks the command ever, utter “Oops, try again”.

During this training session, don’t use other words like “sit down”.


obedience training

“Come” is one of the most usable commands. If you want to avoid your puppies’ annoying behaviors, then this command is essential. To make your puppy come towards you from away, if your want to give a job for your puppy, then use the command “COME.”

To teach the command “come”, attach a lightweight leash to your dog’s collar and let him drag it around. When he is aware that he is on a leash, he will try to move around you and he will come to know that both you and he are hooked up with the leash.Then, start walking backward and forward and encourage him to follow you by treats and praising words. Try to use “come” to command him to follow you. Repeat this whole process again and again. This is like a play that your child may enjoy much.


obedience training

This command is quite hard to teach. When your dog or puppy want to sit on your feet or lean against you, it is too hard to keep it away from doing so.

The purpose of this command is to teach dog to remain right where it is until given further instructions.

To teach this command put a leash on your dog and

To teach the stay, first put a leash on your dog’s neck and let him sit comfortably in front of you.

Wave your flat palm on its muzzle and body and then say “Stay.”

When he is in the same position, go to a little distance from your dog, Stay there a few second and then come back again.

Praise your dog and reward him for not breaking the command.

If ever he breaks or moves calmly utter “Oops” or “Uh-uh” and again repeat the process by bringing him back to the initial position. After releasing him from the command, use a release word like “okay.”

Don’t forget to reward and treat him after releasing him from the commanding position.


obedience training

This command often takes long time for a dog or puppy to learn. So, to employ this command, use too much praising words, treat and reward. Obviously, it will be a slow process and so you have to handle it with enough caution.

To teach this command , take a tasty food in your hand, close your hand and hold it in front of your dog. When the dog will get the scent of that treat, he will try to catch it and will try to open your closed hand, then down your hand near to the ground and use the command “down”.

Then open your hand and let your dog eat when he is down position.

Repeat this process several times in every day. But never try to push your dog or use harsh word to make it down. Always use calm and praising word.


While you are going to give obedience training for your dogs,keep the following lines in your mind.

  • Don’t punish your puppy for misbehaving
  • Don’t compel him to do anything.
  • Don’t push him to make him down
  • Don’t use harsh word as a command
  • Use different types of tasty treats at the time of teaching Always behaves cordially
  • Praise him for satisfactory performance.
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