OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate Review

OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate

OxGord is a popular brand for dog crates. This company has always maintained its quality when it comes to the dog crates. The OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate is a wire crate which is really strong, durable and also very convenient for every pet owner.

This dog crate is built for long-lasting security and durability. This crate is easy to set up, easy to clean up and can be held in any place. This amazing dog crate comes with six different features. This crate will give the opportunity to choose whether you want to have an extra door, divider or not. In short the OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate is in premium quality that provides maximum comfort to your dog.

The OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate is a lightweight crate that has numbers of features to offer.

Features of this Double Door Folding Metal Pet CrateDouble Door Folding Metal Pet Crate


  • This crate is designed in such a way that it saves a lot of space. The folding option makes it really simple to store particularly at any place.
  • The materials used in this crate are safe and durable. When it comes to the question whether this crate is durable or not. Then you don’t need to worry about the durability of this crate.
  • This dog crate is an excellent choice for travel lover people. You can easily carry this crate on your trip. You just need to fold it and take it in your car.
  • The size of this dog crate is 42 Lx 27Wx 30 H in inches, which is really nice.
  • The metal wires are very sturdy and the doors can easily be shut down. Both of the doors are awesome and this double door option always gives an alternative option to exit to your pet.
  • There is a divider panel which will allow you to adjust the size of the crate. As your pet grows bigger, you will be able to adjust the crate according to the demand.

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  • Most of the customers have loved this oxford pet crate because; this dog crate is really easy to assemble. As a user, you don’t need to use any kind of tools to put it together or to set up. As the product arrived at your house, you will just need to unpack it and then fold the crate open.
  • This OxGord pet crate comes with a slide out tray. This tray is really light weighted and it can be pulled out easily. This tray is made from ABS plastic, which makes it usable for a longer period. In this tray, you will also find a lip around the boundary. This boundary will prevent anything to spill out from the tray.
  • Providing your pet a safe and secure environment is the most important thing of any dog crate. The OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate provides your dog that required safe environment. The edges are nicely rounded so that your dog won’t get any harm or injury.
  • When the crate is not in use pet owners can simply fold the crate and place it anywhere. After folding it becomes less than 4 inches tall. The folding option makes this crate breeze to place and really easy to carry to another place.  You will also find a top mounted handlebar which makes it simpler to carry this OxGord pet crate.


  • The OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate has got some amazing features undoubtedly. However, many users have found some little difficulties with this crate, which are:
  • If your dog is a really strong one then this may not be the best dog crate for you. Mainly this is not suitable for big dogs or for hyper dogs.



Q. What are the sizes of this Crate?

Ans. There are Six Sizes: 

48-Inch with Divider Panel

42-Inch with Divider Panel

36-Inch with Divider Panel

30-Inch with Divider Panel

24-Inch with Divider Panel

20-Inch No Divider Panel


Q. How many doors has each Crate?

Ans. There have both: double door and single door crate. But 20-Inch Crate has only one door

Final words:

As mentioned earlier, the OxGord PT-CG-20 Double Door Folding Metal Pet Crate is not a good option for the big dog owners. However, if you have a puppy or medium sized dog then this will be a great purchase for sure. You will get everything that you have expected from this OxGord pet crate. There is lots of space; it is sturdy, safe, durable, and comfortable for your dog. In short, this is one of the best dog crates of the market.

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