Digging Problem : Stop Your Dog from Digging

stop digging problem

Is your dog’s digging habit making you feel disgusted? Is it increasing day by day?

Don’t be upset. We are here to discover the way of putting an end to this bad and disgusted behavior.

Dog’s excessive and unusual digging behavior may bring a quick end to the sweet relationship with her owner. So, Before feeling disgusted and bored, every dog owner should know the reasons that are responsible for this rude and unwanted behavior.

Every dog owner is acquainted with this digging behavior. Somebody takes it as a natural instinct but someone takes it as a serious behavioral problem.stop dog from digging
No matter whatever is it, with proper training and right step, you can stop a dog from digging.

While you are going to train your dog not to dig, you have to know first, the reasons why your dog is digging and then, know how to stop dogs from digging holes.

There have mainly five reasons behind it.

To Get Entertainment

Every creature loves to get entertainment. For getting it, they follow various ways. Like other animals, your pet dog may also love to get fun. To get it, he or she may develop digging habit thinking that playing with soil is great fun and enjoyable.
While your pet dog will dig for entertainment, he/she will be more playful and start to run around the hole. He will dig many holes randomly around the area.
You will see him/her in a joyous mind while he/she will dig as means of fun.
Now, the sign is clear to you, right?
It is time to tell you the answer to the next question “How to stop this type of digging habit.”

How to Stop it:

Your dog is growing digging habit as to get fun, so, to stop it, you have to give him/her entertainment in another way.

  • Walk with your dog regularly and encourage him/her to do it.
  • Put interesting and enjoyable dog toys and encourage the dog to play with those toys.
  • Teach him/her commands and praise him/her for every success action.
  • Put an outdoor dog kennel and limit the moving area for your dog. Install Snappy Trainer. It is like a mousetrap. Whenever your dog touches it, it will produce loud sound which will startle your dog and encourage him/her not to dig. Don’t be worried about this product; it is completely harmless to your dog.

For Getting Comfort and Protection

Where have you put your dog? Where have you placed your dog’s house?
Is the area is too hot or the place is too cold?
Your dog may dig hole as to get protection from the mentioned situation. In this terms, your dog is growing his/her digging habit as to get comfort and protection.

How to Stop it:

  • Ensures a comfortable place.
  • Put him in such is a place which is not too hot and not too cold.
  • Give him permission to drink water from water bowls.
  • If your dog still tries to dig after ensuring a suitable place, allow him to dig in a fixed ground and don’t allow him to dig random places.

To Get Attention

You are feeling annoyed for your dog’s digging behavior, but you don’t know that he/she is digging only to get your attention. It is your great mistake. Try to understand why the dog is growing this habit.

Try to discover why your dog is trying to get your attention. Your dog may want to get your attention for various reasons. He/she may need medical treatment for his/her suffering, or he may want your companion for more time or he may want to spend time by walking with you and so, he/she is digging hole as to get your attention.

How to stop digging for Attention:

To put an end to this type of digging habit, first of all, you have to fulfill your dog’s desire. Pay your gentle and polite attention to your dog’s desire.

  • Praise your dog and use positive reinforcement as to make him/her understand that you are taking care of him and paying your full attention to him.
  • Every day, spend some time with your dog give him company.
  • Play with your dog and thus increase a sweet understanding between you and your dog. Thus develop a friendly relationship between you and your pet.

To Escape

Sometimes, your dog may dig as to escape from his place. Don’t punish him for this behavior. As to escape, he will try to dig along the fence line or under the fence. This happens, when your dog wants to get something that is out of his reach. So, at first, try to stop dog from digging under fence.

How to stop it:

  • To stop this, firstly, ensures a completely safe environment.
  • Praise your dog for its gentle behavior.
  • Ensures that the bottom of the fence is well buried.
  • Keep some rocks around the fence line so that it becomes hard to dig for your dog.

To Hunt Prey

Naturally, dog loves to hunt prey that lives in the ground. If you see that your dog is digging at the roots of trees or plants,be sure that your dog is digging to hunt prey.Then, what should you do to stop this digging?

How to stop it

Don’t worry about it.Every problem has a possible solution.

  • Try to trap the prey from the selected area for your dog.
  • Make the yard unattractive to the prey.To do this you can take help from an expert.
  • Keep yourself away from using poison to get rid of unwanted prey. It may harm to your loving dog.

Now we want to end this article. We can summarize that if you can understand the reason behind the problem, it will be very easy to solve but if the reason remains unknown to you, it is too hard to mend the problem. So, first of all, try to understand the cause behind the problem, then step to solve it. Never take any hasty decision and never punish your dog for his digging problems.If you punish him, it will bring fully negative result. Try to be the best friend for your dog.

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